“Creative Writers” Mug Gift Sets

Great gift for teachers, secretaries, friends, secret sisters, etc!

Give the gift of thoughtful moments of indulgence!

Set includes a “Creative Writers” pen, a mug, tea bags (you may specify flavor), candies (wrapped Ghirardelli squares, Lindt truffles or Hershey’s Bliss – you may specify) and an ornament.

Order from our Etsy shop or to receive a 5% discount and discounted delivery email me at or comment below or on our Facebook page.

Everything needed for an indulgent moment for the creative writer you love.


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“Creative Writers” gift ideas for Christmas

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If you are looking for a gift for your children’s classmates you’ll want to check out these fun Christmas pencils from our “Creative Writers” products.

Christmas pencils are topped with a gingerbread man, Christmas tree, snowflake or letter. Message me for custom orders and for specific letter requests.

Pencils are $0.50 each or 20 for $8.50.

Mug sets with 10 pencils can be ordered for $6.50 plus an extra $3.00 shipping.

Order from our Etsy shop or to receive a 5% discount and discounted delivery email me at or comment below or on our Facebook page.

Take your class gifts up a notch this Christmas with these darling pencils.

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Winter party

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I am busy planning a winter party for a client and have a few pictures of the centerpieces to show you.

I have a limited number of dates in January and February so if you are interested in having me host your party or providing a DIY plan or Party in a Box kit, please contact me at MeadowLnParties@gmail.com to discuss your party needs and receive a customized quote.

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Gratitude is a virtue that I am not only constantly trying to instill in my children, but to be honest, there are days I have to work to remember to be grateful myself. I live the continuous focus I see all over social media this month on gratitude.

This morning as I was browsing around, I ran across this adorable poster project at Michaels.com.

What a fun and adorable way to work on gratitude together as a family.

If you do this great project, please show off your work on our Facebook page.

Happy creating! (which, BTW, is something I am most grateful for!)

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Check out our Etsy Shop!

We have some lovely gift and decor ideas for your parties for this fall. Like the Harvest Pen Bouquet pictured here. You can see even more at our new Etsy shop.

While you are there, please favorite the items you like best so that we know how best to meet your future gift needs.

We’ve also be busy this morning dreaming up new gift ideas so check back often for our new fall and Christmas ideas.

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MLP Facebook Give Away!

We’d love for you to tell your friends about the new decoration and gift products available from Meadow Lane Creative on Etsy.

So, we’re giving away a Halloween Boo-quet to the 15th person to share a link on our Facebook page.

Be the 15th person and you’ll win this adorable pen and pencil boo-quet.

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Great gifts too!

We love creative and fun ways to celebrate! That can be through parties and events and can also be expressed with gifts.

Meadow Lane Creative Group, the parent company of Meadow Lane Parties has just launched an Etsy store where you can fine handmade gift ideas, party favors, and much more to come.

Today I wanted to highlight one of our new products listed in our Etsy store that is a great decoration for your Halloween parties, but also breaks down to be adorable party favors for your guests. It is our Halloween pen and pencil boo-quets.

There are two sized of “boo-quets” available and each one contains at least 3 pens and 3 pencils all decorated in great Halloween colors.

Our pencils and pens are also available for individual purchase with quantity discounts for those of you who would like to order these for your child’s classmates.

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Wonderful Words Wednesday – Smarshmallows

One of my favorite wonderful words from my youngest is “smarshmellows”. And with the first hint of fall in the air here in Florida I couldn’t resist the urge to research fun “smarshmellow” recipes.

Over at Readers’ Digest I found this charming idea by Meaghan Mountford and thought I’d share it with you.

Fall Marshmallow Pops

You’ll need:

Lollipop sticks
Brown, red, orange, yellow and green food coloring pens


Decorate marshmallows
Insert lollipop stick

Tie with ribbon for decoration and serve

Thank you Meaghan for such a lovely and fun fall idea!

(Image by Meaghan Mountford)

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Light Saber Pretzels

Before throwing our first Intergalactic Fun party we ran across this great idea for a themed snack and had to give it a try. These yummy light sabers will need to be made at least an hour or two before your party and can easily be made the day before and stored overnight.

You will need:
Pretzel rods
White melting chocolate
Green, red and/or blue food coloring
Aluminum foil cut to 2×4″ pieces
Wax paper

(photo Meadow Lane Creative Group)

Melt chocolate according to directions. Blend in the color of your choice. Dip the pretzel rod into the colored chocolate and roll to make the chocolate covering as smooth as possible. Wrap the bottom 1/5 of the pretzel in the aluminum piece and lay on wax paper to harden. If not serving soon, store in tupperware to keep fresh. Let your little Jedi enjoy!

We are working on the downloadable products for our Intergalactic Fun party and it will be available shortly.  If you’d like information on throwing and Intergalactic Fun party please contact us at MeadowLnParties@gmail.com to discuss your party needs and receive a customized quote.

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Good-Bye Summer – Hello Responsibility!


Thank you so much for coming out and saying so long to summer with us!

In your goodie bag you found items to help you with a take home craft for each of your children. The items will help you create a fun placemat for them that will not only keep spills from reaching your table, but will also keep them on track to take care of all their responsibilities each morning.

Thanks to the folks at Family Fun for this great craft.

Checklist Place Mat

You will need:

poster board
decorated paper
craft glue
velcro tab
1 crayon

Use the decorated paper to layout on the poster board. Glue the paper down on the poster board. Then create two lists: One of all the things that the child needs to do each morning to prepare for school. The other of all the items the child needs to take with them to school. Add the child’s name to the placemat and decorate as desired. Laminate finished mat and then affix the crayon to the mat with the velcro tab.

We hope your school year is as fun as your summer and that you learn lots in the year to come!


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